Spring to Life - Growing Wellbeing


Spring to Life - Growing Wellbeing

We have developed a range of free handouts and videos to help you with your emotional wellbeing. Take a look; there's something for everyone.

The 3 BEs for healthy living
The 3BEs are building blocks for healthy living based on natural patterns of brain activity for our survival and success. We train people in how to use the 3BEs to equip them with life-giving structures for their various situations. The 3BEs can apply to individuals, families, groups, teams & communities, from primary age through to adults. Easy to understand & remember, they can help pin-point where to focus and why.Useful for:providing ground rules for groups who are living, learning or working together

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SPIRAL a Tool for assessing Emotional wellbeing
For our emotional well-being, we need healthy abilities in each of these 5 interdependent components:

SP SPirituality
I   Identity
R  Responsibility
A  Authority
L  Loving relationships

Based on ancient Biblical scriptures and contemporary psychology, the SpIRAL is a comprehensive way of looking at the emotional health of any individual, group or community at work or play. From time to time, we all discover that some of these needs are not being met fully. Then we suffer symptoms of stress and ou ...

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Traffic Lights for Handling Feelings
Feelings carry valuable information – they connect to something that has happened, either now or in the past. Knowing the connection is most of the way to the solution.
Download the file to find out how to deal with strong emotions safely, Using the colours of traffic lights as 3 easy to remember steps.

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Touch for wellbeing and to reduce stress in the body
A video demonstration of 3 easy self touch techniques that calm the body and mind.

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Breathing to Reduce Anxiety
Do you suffer from anxiety? This video explains Four Reasons to breathe and how to do it.

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Four short videos for wellbeing
A collection of daily wellbeing practices with the time to reflect on what they mean to you.

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Spring to Life - Growing Wellbeing
Spring to Life - Growing Wellbeing

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