Spring to Life - Growing Wellbeing

Who Are We?

Spring to Life - Growing Wellbeing

Spring to Life CIC is a not for profit Community Interest Company which works to improve the well-being of people in Birmingham by offering a variety of therapies, community projects and workplace support.

We aim to:

1) Support a wide range of client groups and communities
2) Offer services in deprived areas of Birmingham
3) Nurture people's resilience and inner resource
4) Offer clients choice and active agency in their own therapy
5) Maintain an ethos of empowerment and enablement
6) Connect people to their communities, to nature and to themselves
7) Provide training and support to companies to improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Spring to Life is founded on Christian principles and we welcome, walk with and work with people of all faiths and none.

All the Directors of Spring to Life work to develop personal and relational well-being in their own lives and encourage this in the lives of others.

Our Approach


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Meet the Team

the Team

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Spring to Life - Growing Wellbeing
Spring to Life - Growing Wellbeing

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