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We offer a range of programmes to help employers support the mental health and wellbeing of their staff. Our most popular courses include Mental Health First Aid At Work, Suicide Intervention Training, and Aces Awareness. We are aware that groups are as individual as the people in them, and so, after consultation, we design a tailor made programme. We can also connect individuals with our counselling service and other therapies. We are a not for profit Social Enterprise and all profits go into supporting the work we do in poorer communities.

Mental Health First Aid At Work
We all have mental health and it’s just as important as physical health. In fact, the last few years have highlighted just how important. Latest research shows that more than half of working days lost to illness are due to mental health problems – mainly (but not exclusively) stress, anxiety and depression. Against that background, mental health first aid has become increasingly valued by employers and employees alike.
The aim of these courses is to understand what mental health is, how to identify when ...

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Suicide Intervention Training Course
One of the hardest situations any of us will face is when someone we know takes their own life. One step back from that is when someone tells us they are considering ending their life. What do we do? What do we say?
This one-day training course has been put together to help us understand what might lead someone to this course of action and how we can respond in their time of crisis. As such, the day has been designed to provide participants with knowledge around suicide and the skills to support a person who may be ...

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ACES Awareness Course
This course is an introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences. Childhood experiences of trauma can have a significant impact in behaviour throughout a person's life due to toxic stress. The course explains how to approach people who have been traumatised and support them, and also helps people who have been traumatised to understand the impact and where to find help to overcome the effects of trauma.

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Other Training topics available
We can also provide short courses and informative talks on the following subjects:
How the brain is triggered by trauma
How breathing can reduce anxiety
Mindfulness as a way of life
Writing for wellbeing
Transactional Analysis as a mindful Approach to personal relational wellbeing
The importance of sleep and how to improve it
Getting rid of the inner critic
How to boost our emotional bank account
The Stress Bucket and the importance of keeping on emptying it.
Contact philippa@springtolife.org for further information ...

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Spring to Life - Growing Wellbeing
Spring to Life - Growing Wellbeing

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